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My Likes

►What i like ?

To Save The Global Warm XD
Anime, Japan, Asia :3
French, Italian
Girls ❤
my Cellphone :0
Loli Gothics >u<
HTML, XHTML, DHTML, PHPbb, JavaScripts
PlayStation Fan! {PS2, PSP owner}
Nintendo Fan! {GB, GBC, GBA, NGC, NDS owner}
Laptops { HP, Dell }
to Hate Hi5 u_ú but i’m bored XD so that’s why i’m using it.
Reciclar o_O
to be EBIL (6)
hate travel by Bus o_ó
i’d like to drive a car xD
or maybe an Airplane XD
or Minds o_O Bwuahaha
Again, to be EBIL XD
Actions, gun’s shooter Movies
Gore’s kind as well
Help people *O* I’m an Angel Guardian xD
in fact, girls xD
nah, just jokin’
‘cuz i’m funny 🙂
or maybe not (6)
lovin’ Devil’s Nest
Hate the Emos so bad D:
but i wear a b&w squares style belt ._.
also, ‘no fingers’ gloves XD
i mean, whatever xD
i not used to wear that
i like any kind of Blue ❤ and White o_o
I Love the Mango (its a fruit xD) and watermelons zomg
i’d like to be invisible 😀
to do kinky things ROFLS
I ❤ j-pop and Pop genre music*
Ahita from Aiko *D* (8)
LOVE piano and Violin’s Sound~
i play the piano so good ❤
also the eletric guitar, but i sux on it u_u
Hannah Montana LOL
i hate when i make a joke, ppl answer me with a fkng LOL
Misao say that i have a ‘Gansta English Accent‘ (?)
loving a girl with england accent :D~
to recieve a “Thank You”
and to say “you’re Welcome” XD
hate the lag of my lap after closing a game
{03-03-08} to be Sick xOx
Hate the sun xD literally
thats why i love the cold yay!
to sell stuffs 🙂
hate when ppl watch me like if i were an alien
❤ mondern coats
play football n tennis
play DotA with my friends
manipulate a Digital Cámera
so that’s why i’d like to be a photographer
meet Asian idols girls
to make a Rol Game
to earn money doing anything xDD
IceCream, Vainilla’s Flavor *O*!!
{11-03-08} I’ll say it again, I LOVE ANIME!
as well the ANIME Comics
and anything about ANIME <333
i cosplayed a character too
Like Miroku *O* xD
Also, that name derivate from my Nick “Mirosuke”
i don’t like to be depressed
that’s why i always smile
taking everthyng with humor
that’s a secret of life haha :]
i Luff all my friends on this hi5
in fact, the girls haha xD
i think i said that phrase before
wuarever xD
i meet a lot of friends here ^_^
that’s make me happy
n soon i’ll have my own bussiness
about a PUB – Café – MiniBar
with a lil essence of Anime 😀
named: Devil’s Nest Bwuhahaa
i hate this expression: -.-
n i’m a great psychologist xD
i love to draw, i mean.. a LOT!
i actually study in a uni
my major is Administration :]
my second name is: Cam
yes, say it: LOL!
my chinesse name is : 甘偉康
and i also cook!
in fact, I LOVE TO COOK
any kind of food
but now i‘m loving to eat n cook asiatics foods
eat whatever you want
u’ll never get fat XDD
i’d like to write more
but i can’t XD
maybe next time ^o^
See ya, Au revoir, bai bai,  kuchulangaga xDDD
Saludos A Miriam, Wolf, Ale y Taly.

Finales D:

Hola ;O;
Tanto tiempo, Mi  genteeeeeeeee ahiijaaa HAHAHA.
Bueno, han pasado muchas cosas..
Desde los parciales (Que me fue Regular.. cuarda floja .-.), el Ensayo (Suicidios fué mi tema).. hasta hoy que son los Finales.
Wii, han pasado muchas cosas.. ehm desde el atropello que mi primo cometió xDDD haha
En fin, no se que decirles xD se me fué todo ;O;
Pooss Tambien me Compré una PSP Champagne Golden Edition *O*! y Toy Afanado con el juego Disgaea: Afternoon Darkness *O* Juego Bello ello (8)*O* xD eeen fin

Tambien fotos a montones xD y las clases en la universidad.. pos ahi vaa bien
Y he mejorado este último mes xD O mi suerte ha mejorado o me he mejorado tanteando respuestas XD
Y Gracias a Mi Coshita por ayudarme *^* Te adooioo *w*

=) Otro punto es que ya no tay vicioso.. grax a la PSP haha x)
Tengo que ir a la Maldita Marina a sacar la libreta D: DAMN

Se acerca navidad asi mismo fin de clases y  fin de año!
para ir a Barranca! ;__; extrañio mutsio!!

Supongo que es todo xD

A la Gente del 101, A Taly Fan de este Blog xD A mi Onee-chan, a mi primish, a Wolfita, y a Miriam Ai *¬* xD