My Likes

►What i like ?

To Save The Global Warm XD
Anime, Japan, Asia :3
French, Italian
Girls ❤
my Cellphone :0
Loli Gothics >u<
HTML, XHTML, DHTML, PHPbb, JavaScripts
PlayStation Fan! {PS2, PSP owner}
Nintendo Fan! {GB, GBC, GBA, NGC, NDS owner}
Laptops { HP, Dell }
to Hate Hi5 u_ú but i’m bored XD so that’s why i’m using it.
Reciclar o_O
to be EBIL (6)
hate travel by Bus o_ó
i’d like to drive a car xD
or maybe an Airplane XD
or Minds o_O Bwuahaha
Again, to be EBIL XD
Actions, gun’s shooter Movies
Gore’s kind as well
Help people *O* I’m an Angel Guardian xD
in fact, girls xD
nah, just jokin’
‘cuz i’m funny 🙂
or maybe not (6)
lovin’ Devil’s Nest
Hate the Emos so bad D:
but i wear a b&w squares style belt ._.
also, ‘no fingers’ gloves XD
i mean, whatever xD
i not used to wear that
i like any kind of Blue ❤ and White o_o
I Love the Mango (its a fruit xD) and watermelons zomg
i’d like to be invisible 😀
to do kinky things ROFLS
I ❤ j-pop and Pop genre music*
Ahita from Aiko *D* (8)
LOVE piano and Violin’s Sound~
i play the piano so good ❤
also the eletric guitar, but i sux on it u_u
Hannah Montana LOL
i hate when i make a joke, ppl answer me with a fkng LOL
Misao say that i have a ‘Gansta English Accent‘ (?)
loving a girl with england accent :D~
to recieve a “Thank You”
and to say “you’re Welcome” XD
hate the lag of my lap after closing a game
{03-03-08} to be Sick xOx
Hate the sun xD literally
thats why i love the cold yay!
to sell stuffs 🙂
hate when ppl watch me like if i were an alien
❤ mondern coats
play football n tennis
play DotA with my friends
manipulate a Digital Cámera
so that’s why i’d like to be a photographer
meet Asian idols girls
to make a Rol Game
to earn money doing anything xDD
IceCream, Vainilla’s Flavor *O*!!
{11-03-08} I’ll say it again, I LOVE ANIME!
as well the ANIME Comics
and anything about ANIME <333
i cosplayed a character too
Like Miroku *O* xD
Also, that name derivate from my Nick “Mirosuke”
i don’t like to be depressed
that’s why i always smile
taking everthyng with humor
that’s a secret of life haha :]
i Luff all my friends on this hi5
in fact, the girls haha xD
i think i said that phrase before
wuarever xD
i meet a lot of friends here ^_^
that’s make me happy
n soon i’ll have my own bussiness
about a PUB – Café – MiniBar
with a lil essence of Anime 😀
named: Devil’s Nest Bwuhahaa
i hate this expression: -.-
n i’m a great psychologist xD
i love to draw, i mean.. a LOT!
i actually study in a uni
my major is Administration :]
my second name is: Cam
yes, say it: LOL!
my chinesse name is : 甘偉康
and i also cook!
in fact, I LOVE TO COOK
any kind of food
but now i‘m loving to eat n cook asiatics foods
eat whatever you want
u’ll never get fat XDD
i’d like to write more
but i can’t XD
maybe next time ^o^
See ya, Au revoir, bai bai,  kuchulangaga xDDD
Saludos A Miriam, Wolf, Ale y Taly.

6 comentarios »

  1. Atsuki-chan Said:

    wow, you’re Mirolicious ❤

    haha n__n

  2. Aka300 Said:


    woo miro, long time

    weeell.. what can i say? xD

    u said it all after all

    Cheers xD

  3. Mi-Chan Said:

    You’ve got some gramma erros x3
    but i loved the way you wrote
    very… vivid and interactive ^^.

    Oh yeah.. you will have to get used to my -.- xDu


    I ♥ you ^//^

  4. Inukago Said:

    Voy a hacer algo asi en mi livejournal ;D

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